After the devastating loss of her mother, Kari turned  to yoga to heal herself from years of  self destructive habits, to deepen her spirituality and to
reclaim her health and vitality.  As she became more involved in yoga and the breathing techniques which are the cornerstone, subtle change
began to occur.  Her outlook on life and priorities began to shift into a much more positive direction.  Inner peace and happiness became more of a
reality on a daily basis.

"I spent 18 years in the stressful world of Mortgage Banking, had a good career and nice income, but it wasn't enough, I wasn't happy.  Yoga
opened up a whole new world for me and suddenly success andmoney were no longer a top priority in my life"

When the opportunity arose for Kari to "retire" from her career in the Mortgage field and pursue the dream of teaching yoga, she jumped at the
chance.  With the support of her teacher, Fran Zabica, the founder of Inner Harmony, she obtained her teaching certification in Ananda Yoga for
Higher Awareness.  Kari credits Fran with changing her entire life.  Fran has spent endless hours mentoring and assisting Kari in developing her
teaching skills, and for that she is forever grateful.

When Fran became ill and was unable to teach, Kari stepped in and took over the day to day running of the studio and teaching the majority of
classes.  So, it was an easy transition for the students, when Fran decided to devote her full energies into healing and for Kari to take over as the
new owner of Inner Harmony.  Unfortunately, Fran passed over September 30th, 2005.  Divine Soul, Dear Friend, she is sorely missed by many.  "I
honor Fran daily through the continuation of Inner Harmony.  This
was her dream."

"When I look back at how different my life was just a short time ago, it amazes me.  I'm just so happy when I teach.  Helping my students reach their
full potential is my priority now, and I find that much more fulfilling than money or power ever could be."

It is Kari's honest and down to earth approach to yoga that appeals to many of her students.  She is able to relate to her students, whether they
are on the yogic path to spiritual enlightenment or just in need of healing their bodies and minds from years of excessive stress.
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