I was born in Switzerland and moved to California with my parents when I was three years old. I grew up with two younger sisters and after many
moves our family settled in California . During high school, I found I had a passion for working with wood and had the good fortune of going back to
Switzerland to apprentice with an uncle as a cabinet maker and eventually became the owner of a wood working business which I still have today.  

Through the years, I have explored and studied different modalities for expanding consciousness with the goal of becoming a better person.
Reiki, Tai Chi, Meditation and the Sound Technology from the Monroe Institute were among some of the tools I gathered. Around 1998, I
discovered Yoga and soon realized that the consistent practice of it helped me achieve the balance and harmony I had been seeking; it brought a
sense of calm into my life. I felt through the practice of Yoga I had not only become a better boss; but, even more important, a better husband and

In 2014 I decided to take Yoga teacher training with the intention of deepening my personal practice. During the training, I had the desire to share
these gifts as a teacher. Now, as a Certified Ananda Yoga Teacher, I am honored to offer the teachings I have learned to all those who wish to
receive them with the hope that Yoga will enhance others' lives as it has mine.
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We highly recommend you consider enrolling in
our Beginner Series a 8 week course that covers
the foundations of yoga in a progressive,
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Through an in-depth evaluation of your state of
health, lifestyle practices and physical
attributes, your Ayurvedic consultation will
develop an understanding of your unique
constitution and any root causes of imbalance
or changes you may be experiencing. Your
constitution or Prakruti is the fundamental and
unique balance of three basic energies called
doshas. Your consultation will result in a report
of findings and recommendations to start your
path of healing.

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45 min Follow Up visits                     $45