Current Class Schedule

As of June 15th we have fully reopened to in-house students!!

Due to the latest restrictions we ask that you keep your mask on to protect others who might be vulnerable.

Call for class info

We will continue to live stream some of our
classes via Zoom.

11:00 am      Extra Gentle-Chair (60 min)

8:00 am        Yoga Stretch with Steve-online only
6:00 pm        Level 1

11:00 am       Extra Gentle-Chair

8:00 am        Yoga Stretch with Steve-online only
6:00 pm        Level 1/Yin Restorative

SaturdayNo Classes Labor Day Weekend
7:45 am        Level 1/Flow
9:30 am        Slow Gentle Flow

**Updated 7/20/21**

Drop In classes $20

Series of 8 weeks $140
(must be used during 1 session)

Chair classes $80,
8 weeks, No Drop Ins

Cash, Check or
Venmo(Kari Burgos-1) gladly

Kari’s Beginner Series & Extra Gentle Classes are pre-registered, no
drop-ins.  Missed classes must be made up on a different night and time.  
They will not be added/credited to your Series.  Series Make-ups can only
be carried over into the next 2 sessions(total 16 weeks), provided you are
enrolled(paid) in the new sessions. No full/partial refunds or credits for
vacation time.   

All classes taught by other teachers are to be paid directly to the teacher,
these are NOT eligible for Kari’s Series classes makeups.

Class Descriptions

Kari’s Classes

Extra Gentle Movement Series
In this class we strive to gain strength, better our balance and feel positive and healthy in our bodies. We practice breathing, use a little resistance to gain strength and move gently for some aerobic conditioning. Postures and movement are done using the support of a chair.  No need to get down on the floor.  Perfect for those who have arthritis, joint disorders or replacements, heart disease, are carrying extra weight, or have been ill.  You will learn to breath properly, stretch, strengthen, visualize, relax and meditate.
$80 per 8 week series Online streaming available

Beginner’s Series
This series sets the foundation for the Level 1 Classes. We cover 6 pranayama techniques building upon diaphragmatic breath.  23 hatha yoga postures will be taught in depth as well as affirmation, deep relaxation, visualization and meditation.  Includes “Breathe Peace” CD and instructional handouts.  
$150 per 8 week series No Drop Ins
Series starts soon!  Tuesdays, 7:45pm Sign Up now!

Drop In Classes

Level 1 Series
For those who have completed the Beginner Series or who have prior experience with yoga.
Call Kari to help decide which series would be right for you.
$140 per 8 week series, $20 drop in  

Level 1+ Strength-Flow
Static and linked postures used together to create a strong and aerobic experience.  Must have good control of the breath and a solid understanding of alignment.  Not for beginners and those with joint/spinal injuries or cardio vascular disorders.

Slow Gentle Flow
Learn to love your body as the perfect machine that it is!!! Static and linked postures used together to create a strong yet gentle aerobic experience.  Will practice good control of the breath and move towards a solid understanding of alignment.  Perfect for beginners and those with physical limitations or carrying extra weight..

Yin Restorative Yoga

Yin yoga, gentle postures held for longer times create deeper, more lasting flexibility and opening in the body.  Combined with supported restorative postures make this class a truly healing experience. Perfect for those seeking to increase suppleness in the body and peace in the mind.

Classes with Other Teachers

Stretch with Steve
Energization and stretching to awaken your energy and uplift your spirits
Tuesdays & Thursdays 8am-Streaming only