Health Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Health Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Skeletal System

Increase circulation to bones and joints through the squeeze and soak effect improving the health of these tissues. Improve ligament structure and function and enhance circulation through correct movement. Improve function of cartilage and synovial fluid through the use of full ROM (range of motion) provided movements are not excessive and Alignment is correct. Softens and stretches the ligaments tendons and cartilage decreasing the chance of injury. Slows the aging process in connective tissue which otherwise slowly shrinks and stiffens with age. Shapes bones by stress has put upon them. Correct alignment of bones and joints promoted by the postures create maximum efficiency minimum wear and tear. Keeps the spine strong supple and resilient. Enhances joint flexibility by full ROM ensuring adequate synovial fluid lubrication of joints. Prevention and treatment of arthritis. Enhances muscular support at joints, promoting healthy movement. Increases bone density by stimulating muscle attachments to Bones. Can help in preventing osteoporosis.

Muscular system

Stretches and straightens almost every muscle in the body, reducing the effect of Aging. Facilitates communication between the muscle and nervous system by practicing sensory motor connections to all body parts. Enhance proprioception ( the ability to know where we are in space) and to sense the body internally. Which enhances the ability to do anything that requires muscles. Reduce the stress response which causes chronic muscle contraction and tension and subsequent pain and dysfunction. Improves functioning of muscles by developing full ROM and the ability to contract and relax fully. Stretching increases the ability of muscles to contract making them stronger. Stretches and tones the fasciae, the connective tissue that incases and supports the muscle fibers. Slow movement and deep breathing increase oxygen supply to muscles preventing accumulation of lactic acid and pain. Improve circulation to smooth and skeletal muscles.

Circulatory system

Enhances the overall health of the circulatory system by relieving chronic muscular contraction tension which would otherwise cause constriction of the blood vessels. Helps shut off the stress response to give the heart and blood vessels arrest. Strengthens and tones the heart and blood vessels. Slows heart rate allowing it to rest and reduce blood pressure. Assist venous return of blood to the heart reducing varicose veins.

Digestive system

Compresses the organs of digestion then stretches and opens them (the squeeze and soak method), accelerating removal of waste and facilitates absorption of nutrients into the body. Improves elimination by mechanically assisting the movement of materials through the intestines.

Immune system

Improve circulation of blood through muscular action during posture practice. Aiding in the removal of toxins from the bloodstream. Improve circulation of lymph through muscular action during posture practice. Stimulates and tones the spleen. Helps release toxins from their various storage locations in the body. Reduces secretion of stress hormones. Helps fight infection via postures that stimulate the thymus gland. Activate the parasympathetic nervous system boosting overall immune system function.